Cloister Vaults

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Tech Specs

Cloister vaults, also known as dome vaults, are a close cousin to the groin vault.  Where the groin vault arches towards the center from the corners of the walls, the cloister vault arches toward the center from a constant spring point along the wall.  This slight difference makes a huge impact on the overall design.  Plus, if you’re looking to add height to a room on an exterior wall, the cloister vault can arch up into your attic, curving underneath your roof rafters.

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Customer Testimonials

“Having a specialty product company like Archways & Ceilings in your playbook makes building custom houses much easier.  Using custom prefab’d arches and ceilings definitely streamlines the building process giving us the perfection & consistency we are looking for in our homes.  We recently tackled a cloister vault which normally would be difficult and time consuming, but with Archways & Ceilings they make it easy.  The install was painless and the finished product looked fantastic. It is great to have company to call on that specializes in this field of construction.”

Bryan Mitchell

Rendition Luxury Homes, North Richland Hills, TX