Balcony Rims

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Tech Specs

If you’re looking for a better way to create balcony rims, then look no further.  We can manufacture any radius shape of rim you require.  From Juliet balcony to S-shaped profiles, our balcony rim kits will simplify the process, take a fraction of the time, and give you the look you want.

How to Measure
How to Install
How to Drywall
How to Finish
Product Specifications
Choosing Your Cut
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How Does it Ship?

Customer Testimonials

“As a framing contractor, anything with a radius, prior to Archways & Ceilings, meant I or one of my skilled hands would have to build it.  What was time consuming and costly is now easy and affordable.  Their balcony rims transformed what would’ve been a laborsome task into a quick and easy job.”

Carey Gilbert

W&C Homes, Inc., Blanchard, OK