Our Prefabricated Wall Designs

Radius wall designs are gaining in popularity as more homeowners are looking for creative ways to break up the monotony of boring flat walls.  With our prefabricated wall design kits, you can easily customize any radius wall design to your specifications (with 1/8”).  Plus, they are easy to order, easy to install, and easy to drywall or finish out.  So instead of paying your carpenter countless hours of labor, we’ll build you a wall design kit that will save you time, money, and improve your quality.  You can rest easy that what you’re envisioning will be a reality.

Choose from our prefabricated wall designs, including range hoods, niches, fireplace canopies, balcony rims, and more. You can also design your very own custom wall ornament and we will help you create a prefab kit that is just as affordable and easy to install as our standard kits.

Choose Your Design

  • Custom Range Hoods

    Custom range hoods are gaining in popularity as more homeowners want to customize their kitchens.  Make yours stand out with a decorative range hood.  Choose from our two different range hood styles: Tuscan or Bell Curve.  Then simply enter your measurements to get an instant quote.  Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll make you 3D illustrations for approval.  From here, all we need is 5-10 business days to make your custom range hood kit.

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  • Wall Niche

    Whoever said walls have to be flat?  They can be flat and curved… and super interesting!  Niches are great for highlighting artwork or they could create interest all on their own.  Decide if you want a dome or flat top niche.  You also have the ability to choose whether you’d like to have either a half-circle or soft style niche.  Your options aren’t limited.  So design your wall niches the way you’d like to have them.

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  • Fireplace Canopy Hood

    Most fireplaces are a major focal point of a home.  Why not take this focal point and make it a masterpiece with a fireplace canopy?  With near limitless customization options, you can make an often overlooked fireplace in to an eye-catching showpiece that’ll be sure to have your potential homeowners talking.  Plus, like all of our framing kits, we’ll make it easy to order, install and easy on your budget.

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  • Cyc Wall

    The infinity cyclorama wall, aka Cyc walls for those in the filming or photography industry, create a seamless backdrop for film or theater to create the appearance of limitless space.  With our prefabricated Cyc wall kits, you can order and install your cyclorama with minimal effort in almost no time at all.  Instead of worrying about how to create the look, you can focus on more important things, like your craft.

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  • Balcony Rims

    With our balcony rims, also known as floor joist rims or Juliet balcony rims, you can be certain to get your radius floors just as you’ve planned.  Whether you want a simple soft radius bulge on your landing or a more complicated swooping “S” pattern, we can simplify the construction process of getting your radius floors framed correctly.  Simply enter or send us your required dimensions and we will create a prefabricated balcony rim kit to your specs (within 1/8”).

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  • Custom Wall Designs

    If you have a wall design in mind that you haven’t seen here, don’t worry! If you can imagine it, we can probably create it. We love custom projects, so please go ahead and browse some of our custom wall designs we’ve done for other builders and then give us a call to discuss your project. We’re looking forward to talking with you about how we can turn your idea into a reality.

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