Radius Ceilings

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Radius ceilings are an easy way to quickly add flair to flat, boring ceilings.  While they might be simple in design, they are mighty in curve appeal impact.  Browse through the several radius ceiling kits we manufacture: circular soffit, oval soffit, donut, inside radius corners, and outside radius corners.

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Customer Testimonials

“We are always looking for more efficient and cost effective ways to build our homes without sacrificing our high commitment to quality.  We first discovered Archways & Ceilings when we were searching for better methods to create our radius ceilings.  From design to fabrication, the Archways & Ceilings team have always been a pleasure to work with and do a great job manufacturing our custom radius ceilings to the dimensions we provide to them.  Each of the radius ceiling kits come with easy-to-follow instructions, which makes installing them a no brainer.”

Ted DeCesare, Owner/CEO

DeCesare Homes, Murrysville, PA